Monday, June 30, 2008

for mom

I painted a sign for our driveway, and my mom asked me to post a picture of it.... here it is

Wedding with bikes

Last weekend we went to our friend's wedding in Bend. We had so much fun. Zach took the photos, and we wanted to post a few to share. I started with Benham because he's family and so cute. This is at the preception dinner.

The thoughtful bride and groom are thinking about the big day. Paul's happy

Erica's pensive

In typical Paul and Erica style, the guests arrived on bikes.

Beautiful Corey

Beautiful Erica

Happy bride and groom

skylar danced a beautiful hula

and their off for a life together on bikes

we all joined in the celebration

great party thanks Paul and Erica

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spring planting

shadow scarecrow.
Welcome summer growing season!!! We are making the most of our new farm and loving it. We have been spending far too much time bent over the garden these days. We started a class through the local community college, organic gardening and orcharding, and we couldn't be more excited. We have identified so many mystery plants in our garden as herbs, and our teacher is a wealth of information. We have at least 6 bugs in a jar for identification for our next class, and 3 soil samples; the veggie garden, the fruit orchard, and the pistachio orchard.
greens garden
sid and nica have never been happier, tics and all
self portrait
we are growing red dragon carrots
sugar snap peas
a neighbor
self portrait with Z's creative photo light, for any photo geeks out there, this was shot into the sun in the same light conditions as previous images

News Flash: We had our first visitors from Bend!!!
John and Sarah Stafford came to stay with us this last weekend. Sarah is starting the Physician Assistant program at OHSU in a couple weeks and we were stoked to have a last hurrah with her before the big move. We were having so much fun, we forgot to take pictures, as usual. We had a blast and hope they come visit again soon. Great friends, fresh food, lots of laughs. Good times.
Other than the garden we are well. I went climbing outside of the Rock gym this last week with some friends. A beautiful place just outside of Shasta on the Sacramento River. Nica did her typical disappearing act for a while, but thankfully showed up right as we were about to leave. It was really fun.
We have started riding our bikes again. Mt. Shasta has great biking. We miss all friends and can't wait to see you all soon. Congratulations Thad and Jess!!! We are so stoked for you!! Lots of love.
Love R and Z

Cathy's birthday

Zach's mom, Cathy, had a birthday on May 23rd. He and his brother have been working on building her house just down the road from our house. (We can't wait to have her closer.) Zach and Nate finished the exterior, several days before her birthday, and we used the opportunity to throw a surprise party. She didn't know the house was finished or that we, her children and friends were in the garage waiting to jump out when she turned the corner.

Cathy and Sheri.
We had a blast. unfortunately we were having so much fun, we forgot to take pictures...

the ladys... We love you Cathy,
xoxoxo z and r