Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Winter... Well we didn't spend many days at the ski park this year, but I (Rachel) learned skate skiing, and Zach became acquainted with the back country in this area, lots of it.. see pictures for details. We basically have mountains all the way to the coast. We love it here.

So if I didn't make it clear, we are very happy here in Shasta. I think it has taken a full year, but I finally feel at home, and can't imagine living somewhere else. Every morning the sun is shining and the birds singing. It's like a fairy tale, but real.... oh yeah except for the work. That never ends, but who knew how incredibly satisfying it would be to watch plants grow. Oops I am getting ahead of myself. It's Spring by the time I am writing this and it's hard to get my head back into winter... the task at hand.
It is our second winter here at Morningside. We planted trees this winter. Apples, Cherries, Plums, Pears, Peaches, Apricots, Figs, and vines, grapes, kiwis, and raspberries, bushes of blueberries. We have also expanded our garden to double the size we had last year.
I took a 200 hour yoga teacher training. It has, as yoga always does, changed my life for the better and definately enhanced my farm experience. Any one who makes it out for a visit... free yoga lessons.

We went to Nicaragua this winter to visit our piece of dirt. Pictures above and below... So beautiful... We keep hoping the global economic woes won't keep us from our dreams. Luckily we love where we are, just in case it doesn't work out down south...

On our trip we visited some amazing farms on the Island of Ometepe. We made new friends, and continued to learn about permaculture, thanks to Chris and others that made it another wonderful adventure. So much to learn. Despite all of the many books that we have been buying to learn how to be farmers. Zach will be taking a permaculture class in Oregon this weekend.

All is well here at the farm and it is defineatly time to move into Spring. It is our intention to keep you up to date this growing season... so I had better get out the camera. Thanks for your interest in our farm.... xoxo zach and rae