Saturday, October 4, 2008


It's hard to believe we are just coming up on our one year anniversary here at Morningside. All the fears and anxieties of moving away from familiar and comfortable, replaced by farm life. Today Zach and I sat outside in the warm sun watching our chickens chase crickets, dogs close behind. Sid and Nica love the chickens. They learned quickly what an egg was, and occasionally the hens lay outside of the coop to the dog's delight. The air in the house has suffered, but their coats are beautiful and shiny.

As time flies past, we catch rare moments to rest. Appreciating that even now in October, we still have hummingbirds. I counted 4 today, 2 grey, 1 green and 1 green bird with a shiny red head. They are so spirited. One of my favorite birds, so small, so quick, flying back and forth across the yard humming loudly. Today I heard a new song, one I had never heard before. It was rockin. I couldn't help but imagine recording it and mixing it up on my mac book. But that will have to wait for another day... I am still waiting for that 8th day of the week when I do only fun stuff for me, until then I will continue to add it to the list.

Sitting outside, filtering our well water, I caught site of a new nest. A beautiful hanging basket, that I now recognize as the home to the regal bright orange bird, called the Oriole. They grace us in the fall. Even though they fight us for food, I forgive them because it's what brings them here on their migration. They just decimated our fall planting of spinach and yet, I can't help but smile when I see them in the trees.

Fall has also brought the deer back.. They are everywhere, also competing for our food. Bedding down next to the barn and helping themselves to the chinese dates that grow there. A big 4 point buck has been hanging out in our lower field with 5 does. Such graceful animals, Zach said he saw them jump our 5 foot fence from a stand still coming across them in the yard yesterday.
This week the mountain came out with her winter coat of snow. She looks so much grander dressed in white, like an exclamation or a celebration. We have been finding more time to watch the sunsets as the growing season winds to a close. The weather has been perfect. Sunny and cool, what we have been missing all summer. But every silver lining is on a dark cloud. Just as everything in the garden is at peak production, the freezes are here. Yesterday, Zach and I trudged down to the garden, coats, and gloves, on a mission to protect our plants. Tomatoes, peppers, melons, all received a blanket of straw. We are just too stubborn to let nature take it's course. Selfishly intervening for a few more weeks of peacevine tomatoes and purple bell peppers. Frantically, we can, freeze, dry, our summer harvest. Thanks mom for coming down to help.
It has been a while since I have reflected on things here on the farm, and what better time than fall to think back. What a wonderful summer. Lots of work, friends, and family, here at Morningside. Thank you to everyone who made our first year a success. The Hanis family spent a week here.

Adrienne beautiful, strong, smart little girl. Thanks sis for bringing her into the world. Zach and I had so much fun getting to know her. 2 years of energy and spunk, waking up each day running to the garden to water or pick vegetables. Not fearful of our chickens, she let them eat out of her hand. She was so content here, she would just sit on the ground and play in the dirt. Running down the road each sunset to burn off steam. She was a beautiful reminder of how simple joy can be.
Zach turned 30 this year and we celebrated with a hoe down. Under the canopy of stars we danced the night away.

Just 2 weeks ago we had some friends from Bend to visit.

Let the good times roll..... Peace and love during these troubled times, and please please please vote for Obama!